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Chef Marcs Sample Menu

Keto Burger

Sample Keto Menu



Breakfast: Breakfast Egg Burritos with Queso Fresco
Lunch: Turkey Minestrone with Parmesan Broccolini
Dinner: Shrimp and Cauliflower Cheddar Grits

Breakfast: Keto Berry Cobbler
Lunch: Salmon-Avocado Salad with Apple Bacon
Dinner: Chicken Cordon Bleu with Vegetable Ratatouille

Breakfast: Three Cheese Frittata with Country Sausage
Lunch: Thai Chicken Curry with Baby Bokchoy
Dinner: Braised Pork Adobo with Creamed Spinach

Sample Paleo Menu



Breakfast: Ambrosia Fruit Salad with toasted Coconut
Lunch: Turkey Buddha Bowl with poached Egg
Dinner: Brodetto Fish Stew with Garlic Rapini

Breakfast: Avocado Egg Scramble with Roast Tomatoes
Lunch: Chicken Paprikash with Grilled Vegetables
Dinner: Beef Brisket with Broccoli Rice Pilaf

Breakfast: Huevos Rancheros with Crumbled Turkey
Lunch: Beef Bolognese with Curried Cauliflower
Dinner: Lemon Chicken Kebab with Roast Vegetables

Turkey Cobb Salad
Shrimp Stir Fry

Sample Healthy Diet Menu



Breakfast: Baked Apple Crumble with Turkey Sausage
Lunch: Gyro Greek Chicken Salad with Egg Mimosa
Dinner: Tuscan Ahi Tuna with Vegetable Quinoa

Breakfast: Egg Strata with Butternut Squash and Broccoli
Lunch: Umami Burger with Baked Yam Fries
Dinner: Salmon Salsa with Asparagus and Saffron Rice

Breakfast: Spinach and Turkey Bacon Omelette
Lunch: Turkey Chili Verde with Vegetable Hash
Dinner: Chicken Alfredo with Gluten Free Orzo

Marc’s Paleo-Keto food is absolutely delicious and healthy. I have already lost 10 lbs working with him. For people who are serious about getting fit and bodybuilding, Marc’s meal service turned my 3 months of dry chicken, salmon, and asparagus into a diverse spread of delicious gourmet meals that I don’t have to cook or clean up. Marc’s food is excellent and I highly recommend him to anyone.

Ben J.
December 5, 2017

It has been a pleasure to work with Marc. The Keto meals he has prepared have been delicious and deliveries have been right at my door when I expect them. Fantastic!

Ryan W.
October 7, 2017

Chef Marc was the first call I made immediately after learning that I was allergic to dairy and had a sensitivity to gluten! Marc’s Healthy Diet meal delivery services were the perfect solution. I am so thankful that my transition to both dairy-free and gluten-free eating has been a non-issue. The food is healthy… and delicious!

Cathy N.
June 3, 2017

Marc’s Paleo food is as good as it gets and his professionalism is truly unparalleled. I’d highly recommend his services to anyone.

Tucker H.
July 7, 2017

Chef Marc was such a wonderful professional. Deliveries were always on time, like clock-work with no problems. The food has absolutely incredible variety and there was never any meals I didn’t like. The food was also incredibly healthy and great care was taken in preparation. This has been the best Weight Loss meal prep service I have ever used.

Amanda D.
May 27, 2017

Working with your meals and the trainer/nutritionist who found you and recommended I contact you, I am down 33 lbs in 13 weeks, have added about 5 lbs of lean mass, my body fat percentage is now 17%, down from 31%, and my bloodwork is spectacular by any measure. Best shape I have been in since I played collegiate water polo 35 years ago. And I am eating delicious meals through it all, thanks to you! Lots of gratitude here, and quite a bit of work still ahead.

Mark Feldman